Modsly success story

Hi! I’m Aina and I have been blogging about surfing for over 2 years. I created a community of surfer girls centered around my website, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts.

My story as an influencer

I did it for fun but quickly it turned out that there were brands interested in cooperating with a micro-influencer like me. The collaborations were fun and fruitful, but all I managed to get out of them was free products (for me and as giveaway prizes for my community). Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally great to receive cool products for free, but it doesn’t get you much closer to a moment where you can live from your work as an influencer. And this is something, each of us would love to achieve one day!

Being a niche blogger, I did not expect to grow my audience to such an extent where brands would actually want to pay me for collaboration, not only offer freebies. Many blogging influencers advise creating your own product like an ebook or an online course. It’s a great idea but an online course about catching waves didn’t appeal to me at all.

I did always want to have my own fashion brand, however. But I was discouraged by the fact that I didn’t know anything about designing and sewing clothes. What is more, it seemed like quite a big investment of money that who knows when and if would pay back.

My adventure with Modsly

Modsly was the answer in my case. I can have my own online store with clothes designed on this platform. The process is very easy and I don’t need any designing skills. I don’t have to invest any money in manufacturing, as the clothes are produced on demand. This means that only after someone has bought an item in my store, it will be sewn and shipped to them. The great thing about it is that this way we avoid overproduction that is so harmful to our Planet. Also, I don’t have to worry about the whole process, as it is handled by Modsly.

And I don’t have to pay for anything for using Modsly. I can concentrate on promoting the products, which is what we influencers are best at. And when a sale is made, we share the profit.

All this made me think that it was worth a try. So I created an account, an online store within the Modsly platform and a few clothes to begin with. I added a banner that I created in Canva and after 15 minutes I had my own online store with my first surf collection. I called it Sea Love as it was inspired by my longing for Vitamin Sea during the COVID-19 lockdown.

My store looked like this. You can also check it our here.

Modsly user success story

Then I shared the news with my community. The girls were really enthusiastic about the Sea Love collection but I didn’t expect that the first sale will come so quickly. The next morning when I woke up, great news awaited me. I sold my first 2 pieces overnight! I couldn’t be more happy 🙂

As you can see, this was pretty easy and it’s totally worth a try. If you have any questions about my story with Modsly, you can find me on Instagram and send a DM.